VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol (or Voice over IP).  This is a modern telephone system that does not carry your voice over old-fashioned copper telephone lines but converts it to the language of computers and then sends it out via the internet! 

VoIP systems are cost effective, secure and flexible, especially in these days of home working.  For example, you can have all your members of staff working remotely, yet they can still all be part of the same office telephone network. 

Another key benefit of VoIP telephone services is that you don’t need expensive telephone switchboard hardware in your office any more.  Most VoIP systems are “hosted” which means all of the software that runs the service is in the cloud. 

With a hosted Voice over IP service, you can actually manage without any hardware at all because you can load an app (a small piece of software) on your computer or mobile phone and that device then because part of the office telephone network. 

Despite this, a VoIP telephone system will provide all of the functionality that you know such call hold, call transfer, ring groups, voice mail, directories and more. 

One thing that is important to think about when considering a Voice over IP telephone system is connectivity. You must make sure that you have a good quality, robust internet connection to make sure that the service runs smoothly.

Labyrinth has been supplying, installing, managing and supporting VoIP telephone systems for over a decade so we have a lot of experience to share. We currently recommend two products: 8×8 and MS Teams Voice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes. In order to supply communications systems that can drastically empower how you work, we partner with two of the biggest names VOIP services; Microsoft and 8×8. Bothe offer best in class products, but can be aimed at different areas and goals of your overall IT strategy.