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Power Apps Development

Businesses can automate complicated processes and deploy low-code apps using Power Apps. It’s a tool for quickly building simple, scalable business applications.

Power Apps is a fantastic product for businesses looking to digitalise data capture or move their data into a centralised database for better connectivity with other systems. Our Microsoft Certified developers create effective, reliable applications quickly, getting you up and running faster than if you developed internally.

Improve Your Business with the Power Platform

Mobile Ready

Any desktop, tablet, or mobile device can access Power BI, Power Apps, and Power Automate separately or all at once. This makes it simple for you to communicate with your remote workers and allows them to contribute to business data from wherever they are.


Information is gathered and distributed more quickly and efficiently thanks to the workflows and applications created using the Power Platform. Additionally, Power BI enabled organisations to produce insights that would be advantageous to their operations.

Improved IT Security

Custom apps built in Power Apps are extremely secure. These applications and workflows tie into the Azure Active Directory and other Microsoft security solutions like Microsoft Dataverse (formerly known as Common Data Services) that provides a role-based security model.

Cost Efficiency

In contrast to Power Apps, traditional app development can be expensive and time-consuming; Power Apps Licensing starts as low as £3.80 per user/per app/per month, and because of the low-code approach, development time can be minimised.

Expert Power Apps Consultancy

Our Microsoft Certified experts at Labyrinth fully understand  how Power Apps is the ideal tool for enterprises and businesses to optimise business operations. Therefore, we offer the best knowledge and consulting services to businesses looking to use Power Apps development to create agile, effective, and personalised business applications.

To help you achieve your business objectives, our Power Apps consultation services will provide proper analysis, design, development, testing, and implementation of Power Apps.

Our Expertise

  • Canvas & Model-Driven Apps Development
  • Power Apps with Dataverse / SharePoint / SQL Azure
  • Power Automate
  • Offline capable PowerApps Development


Frequently Asked Questions

Power Apps data is stored in a secure location of your choice. The beauty of Power Apps is that you can save data virtually anywhere and use it from a variety of sources. Although we don’t store your data for you, there are many other places where you can do so, including in Excel, SQL, and your SharePoint environment.

Yes, but offline capability for canvas apps is only available while running the apps using the native Power Apps Mobile players on iOS, Android, and Windows. Canvas apps running in web browsers can’t run offline, even when using a web browser on a mobile device.

The simplest way to comprehend these two distinct application frameworks is to look at the advantages and limitations that each one has over the other.

Model-driven apps are more powerful and include built-in functionalities such as exporting to excel, but they can only be used with the Dataverse database. Model-driven apps also have a more fixed user interface (UI), allowing only basic adjustments like colour schemes.

Canvas apps, on the other hand, can run on any data source but are blank by default and each functionality needs to be written. Additionally, canvas apps provide more visual flexibility.

PowerApps Per User Plan: £15.10 per user/month. This license provides access to unlimited model-driven, canvas apps or PowerApps Portals

PowerApps Per App Plan:  £3.80 per user/app/month

The project’s cost is influenced by a number of variables, including the project’s scope, technology stack, required manpower, engagement model, business goal, and others. Having said that, we strive to achieve a balance between price and quality for the highest level of satisfaction.

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