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IT Project Management

Most end users do not like the prospect of change, and we don’t blame them. Change can be daunting, particularly when the change is high impact and a lot is at stake, or where users who have spent years getting used to systems in their current form. Unfortunately, the phrase ‘if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it’ is poor advice in the modern world of technology.

Businesses must evolve their systems to keep up with competitors, improve efficiency, information availability and adapt to cyber security risks. Through our decades of experience managing IT projects for businesses of all sizes we can help mitigate the risks involved in making changes, reassure your users, minimise downtime and relieve the stress from you.  

All projects are assigned a project manager regardless of size and managed in line with Prince2 and ITIL frameworks.  Every project we manage has a project plan regardless of size. For very small projects, this may be a schedule of works or a task list on the helpdesk ticket. For larger projects, this will be a full-scale project plan.  

We will explain things to your team in terms that they understand, keep you updated every step of the way and always consider user behavioural changes and training as part of our managed user adoption plans. We are ISO 9001 accredited and consider quality in everything we do. Whether you would like us to take full control of the project or work alongside an in-house IT team, we can help.  

Typical IT projects that we manage include:

  • Cloud migrations and deployment
  • Microsoft SharePoint projects
  • Office IT Relocations
  • Server infrastructure implementations
  • Computer deployments and hardware refreshes
  • Business software implementation and upgrades
  • Business communication systems
  • Information security reviews
  • Network infrastructure projects
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Frequently Asked Questions

For 20 years we’ve delivered proactive, efficient and honest outsourced IT support in London to companies of all sizes in varied sectors. As a local company with historical links to The City and its establishments, we understand the various needs of businesses located in the area. One of our first clients remains with us to this day, and we have completed projects for the City of London Police, west end tourist attractions and major rail infrastructure firms.

Maintaining good IT can be time consuming, resource intensive and expensive, especially when you have a business to run. The evolving nature of IT means that businesses need to ensure their IT staff are up to date with the latest technologies and this usually involves training, which comes at a cost. In addition, staff turnover means a need to recruit, which is a similar drain on your precious resources. By outsourcing your IT support, you get a guaranteed team of experienced, skilled and professional staff with a wealth of knowledge to manage your IT. And because training, recruitment and so on for that team is the purview of the IT support firm, your costs are reduced.

A good IT support company helps your organisation focus on its core business, reducing the need to divert resources to IT issues. By providing a service that is always at least equal to an internal IT department, but at significant cost benefit, it helps your business to drive revenue, reduce costs, reduce risk and increase productivity. An IT Support company provides outsourced IT Support services to organisations across all industries, locations and sizes. A good IT Support partner will offer proactive support, technology advice and consultation, project management and 3rd party IT supplier management.

External IT support is a cost effective solution for businesses who would like the experience of their own IT department, without the cost of hiring one. This is particularly popular with SME’s as the monthly cost is often based on the number of users or computers, and this offers the flexibility to scale the service as your business grows.

The reality of today’s inter-connected world is that digital technology is used to drive virtually every aspect of a business. Whether it is product development, project planning, accounting and finance, communications or HR, there is usually a keyboard being tapped or a mouse being clicked to facilitate a process. And when that technology fails, or even slows down, your business is seriously affected. So Labyrinth Technology aims to provide business IT support that delivers fast response times, reduced system downtime, assurance that your business is using the best equipment and software, reduced cost, and time to focus on your core business goals and objectives.

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