Does your business need outsourced IT support in London? In the 21st Century workplace it is more essential than ever to make sure that when it comes to IT your business has the very best advice and to ensure that you are kept secure and efficient all the time. Local outsourcing of your IT support is often the most flexible and affordable solution for companies of all sizes

Centrally based in The City, Labyrinth Technology has been one of the leading companies in the field of IT support in London for 20 years. As a local company with historical links to The City and its establishments, we understand the various needs of businesses located in the area, and provide top class IT support in London, helping businesses navigate the maze of modern IT.

Labyrinth Technology’s outsourced IT Support service is designed to be all-inclusive.  That means that all of your support requirements are covered with one fixed monthly package cost.

Our friendly team will act as an extension to your own, ensuring your systems are always maintained and secure. Day-to-day change requests (for example, adding or removing an email address, new starter IT admin requirements and more) are included as standard in all our plans.  This is because we want you to be able to focus on running your business; not the mundane IT admin tasks. 

Unfortunately, it’s simply a fact of life that IT (be it software or hardware) doesn’t always work the way people expect it to. In other words, it can go wrong. At Labyrinth Technology we proactively monitor your IT systems and will often identify and even resolve many issues before you are even aware of them, and before they become a problem.

But if you do know you have a problem, as a firm supplying the highest standards of outsourced IT services in London, we understand that you want your issue resolved as quickly as possible with minimal impact to your business. Which is why our Service Desk prides itself on answering support calls in 12 seconds on average! 

Our goal is to make IT outsourcing in London available and affordable to all businesses, giving them access to first-class IT support without having to sign and commit to a long-term contract.

Labyrinth Technology’s IT outsourcing in London services are can either be all-inclusive ongoing support packages, designed to ensure that all of your support requirements are covered with one fixed monthly cost, or one-off IT projects. We are accredited by some of the world’s leading IT vendors, such as Microsoft, WatchGuard, Dell, ConnectWise and CyberTec, and our friendly team will act as an extension of your own business, ensuring your systems are always maintained and secure.