Through the Microsoft 365 Business Voice add-on for Microsoft Teams, you can add the ability to make and receive calls to Teams turning it into a complete Unified Communications platform.

With Microsoft 365 Business Voice you can replace your existing on-premise or cloud VoIP system and use the Microsoft Teams app for calling removing the need to work with multiple different platforms for core communications. If some or all of your users would still like to retain a physical handset for calling, there are a number of difference devices certified for Microsoft Teams.

As standard with Microsoft Teams you also get access to instant messaging, collaboration tools and video conferencing.

Pricing for Microsoft Teams with a UK Calling Plan (1200 monthly minutes per user to UK landlines and mobiles) is just £12/user/month.

You can also add on international calling bundles starting at £6/user/month for 600 minutes.

Direct Routing is where the Microsoft Teams interface is used for end users and system administrators but calls in the back end are routed through a third party. The benefits of doing this are: 

  • More cost effective than Microsoft Teams calling plans  
  • UK based customer service and support 
  • Improved resilience with built in business continuity options such as automated call redirection when there are outages, or a user does pick up 
  • Better experience porting existing phone numbers 

Voice Features

  • Call queues / ring groups with custom greetings and hold music
  • Voicemail
  • Auto attendant
  • Audio conferencing
  • Port existing numbers
  • Quick and easy to deploy and manage
  • Make and receive calls from Teams, Outlook or a mobile device
  • Central management from the Microsoft 365 admin centre

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes. In order to supply communications systems that can drastically empower how you work, we partner with two of the biggest names VOIP services; Microsoft and 8×8. Bothe offer best in class products, but can be aimed at different areas and goals of your overall IT strategy.