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Adobe Flash Player Reaches “End of Life”

Adobe Flash Player Reaches “End of Life”


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Adobe Flash player, the browser plug-in that was originally released in 1996, has reached End of Life.  (A plug-in is a small app that adds to the functionality of your internet browser).

The plug-in enhanced web pages with animation and interactivity in a way that had not been seen before.  Much of what we take for granted on the modern web was brought about by the changes started by Flash player.

Back in 1996, by far the majority of internet users were still connecting by dial-up modems.  Typically, these were achieving speeds many times slower than our broadband connections of today.  Despite this, Flash Player’s technology allowed web designers to deliver content relatively quickly.

However, modern web technologies, have far superseded Flash player, and Adobe have announced that the product will be made end-of-life.  No more security updates will be released for the software, which means having it installed now presents a significant security risk.

Adobe have provided instructions on their website for how to uninstall the software (on windows) here.

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