Security Vulnerability Discovered in some ZyXEL Firewalls

Security Vulnerability Discovered in some ZyXEL Firewalls

A team of security researchers from the Dutch company EYE have found a serious security vulnerability in certain Zyxel firewalls.

If you have a Zyxel USG, ATP, VPN, ZyWALL or USG FLEX you should update the firmware on the device to the latest version immediately.  Moreover, you may wish to consider replacing older devices.

You can find the full list of affected devices here and the original Zyxel advisory notice here.

Zyxel is a well-known brand of firewalls aimed at the small to mid-market.  The use of firewalls VPNs has increased dramatically in recent months due to the explosion in home working so it is very important that they are kept secure.

We find that businesses who do not have efficient IT support in place often do not realise how important it is to update the firmware in hardware devices.  Outdated firmware has often been shown to introduce security vulnerabilities.

At Labyrinth Technology we automatically check and update firmware for all our client devices at least every three months.  Consequently, this ensures that they are protected by the latest advances in technology, functionality and security.

If you need help or advice with any aspect of IT support or security for your business, please do not hesitate to contact us.