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Microsoft 365 Price Increase in 2023

Microsoft 365 Price Increase in 2023


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Beginning in 2023, Microsoft will change its pricing structure, which will have an impact on all user and software licences. Microsoft declared that starting in the next year, all licences will be priced in USD for more consistency across all nations and regions.

Pricing for Microsoft customers located outside of the United States will be based on exchange rate fluctuations rather than being set for the local region. When adjustments are made, prices may increase or decrease depending on how the value of the local currency compares to the price of the goods in USD. For the UK, this means that pricing will change according on the value of the GBP against the USD rather than having a fixed GBP price.

Microsoft will review all pricing in every 6 months to ensure consistency with USD pricing. This could mean a significant rise until the pound strengthens against the dollar.

  • Organisations on a 12-month contract will not see any price changes until the contract renews
  • Organisations who opted to remain on month-to-month pricing will pay the rate set by Microsoft immediately as and when it changes

All direct and indirect (via a reseller) customers of Microsoft are subject to the same pricing policies and contractual obligations, therefore you cannot avoid this price change.

More information about the new strategy and regional prices is expected in December. Please note that although we do not yet have a specific timetable for this change, it might happen as soon as January 2023.

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