Microsoft Teams is a widely used communication and collaboration platform. Teams is available in most Microsoft 365 Business subscriptions and is therefore accessible to most organisations.  

Many businesses start using Teams without the help of an IT consultant. This generally leads to a failure to appreciate the full capabilities of the software and widespread under utilisation.

Labyrinth can help your business adopt Teams by structuring it properly from the start, preventing users from going rogue with Teams creation and providing the necessary training. 

The core features and benefits of Microsoft Teams are:

Instant Messaging: In the modern workplace we send far too many emails, particularly to those that we work very closely with. Inboxes are often congested which can lead to responses being delayed or important communications being missed. Microsoft Teams allows users to chat in real time with individuals or teams of people, both inside and outside of the organisation.

Video Conferencing: At the click of a button, you can host or join video conferences with individuals or groups. These can be triggered instantly or scheduled using the Outlook integration.

Microsoft 365 Integration: Teams integrates with Microsoft 365 and SharePoint. Each “team” within the app has a linked SharePoint site where any associated files are stored. Teams access is also managed through Microsoft 365 groups which control both members of the team and access to the linked SharePoint site.

Collaboration: Through Teams, users can collaborate on Microsoft Office files with group members and SharePoint users who have access. This means colleagues can work on a file simultaneously and see changes made in real time.

App store: Microsoft Teams has an app store supporting many integrations with other Microsoft tools and third-party vendor systems.

Voice: Through the Microsoft 365 Business Voice add-in, you can turn your Microsoft Teams system into a telecommunications platform. Click here for more information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes. In order to supply communications systems that can drastically empower how you work, we partner with two of the biggest names VOIP services; Microsoft and 8×8. Bothe offer best in class products, but can be aimed at different areas and goals of your overall IT strategy.