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Dawid Drezner

Dawid Drezner

Dawid Drezner

Specialist Support Director

Dawid Drezner

What does your role as Specialist Support Manager entail? 

I spend lots of time on the computer! On a day-to-day basis I manage and work through helpdesk tickets, be it from Labyrinth Clients or other clients that we provide specialist support to, many of whom are located outside the UK. For these specialist clients I work closely with Motorola that provide the essential Radio Communication networks, as we provide the tools to monitor those systems. It’s an extremely interesting field, and I am lucky that I get to visit a lot of my clients outside of the UK. 

When did you become interested in IT?  

I was involved with computing from around 10 years old. I’m originally from Poland and in the 1990’s desktop PC’s were considered a luxury. However, I was lucky enough be the only kid in school to have one, an Amiga 500. This led to me becoming passionate about gaming computing in general. As there were no pre-built PC’s in Poland at that time, you had to build one from scratch if you wanted to game, and that’s what started my adventure with IT. Many mistakes, burned motherboards, melted CPU’s and very angry parents! That need to always be exploring new aspects of IT keeps me expanding my knowledge, and I’ve now accumulated many qualifications, such as Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.) in Information Technology, CompTia A+, CISCO CCNA, CISCO Cyber Security  and more! 

What did you do before joining Labyrinth? 

After arriving in the UK I worked in retail as a cycling technician (I love cycling!), building and selling bikes. I had been helping with some of the IT work in the store (unofficially), and because of that was offered a helpdesk role with the parent company in France. However, I didn’t fancy moving out of the UK at that time, so looked around and landed a role at Labyrinth in 2009.

What do you enjoy when you are away from work? 

I love extreme sports. Especially everything to do with two wheels. I ride Mountain Bikes (Enduro, All Mountain), Off Road Motorcycles and Road Motorcycles. I also have several diving certifications and try to dive every time I am on holiday. These days though, I spend lots of time entertaining my two children –  making sure they grow into adventurous, curious, good people. 

What is your favourite holiday destination? 

I couldn’t name just 1 place, as I believe there are way too many excellent places out there to be able to list just a few in a favourite’s category. Travel is a passion of mine and I love exploring new places, cultures, and the food! I’ve visited over 40 countries and been to every continent, experiencing such thigs as diving with Whale Sharks and getting lost in vast underwater caves (cenotes) in Mexico! 

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