It could be argued that Leased Lines are a form of broadband but they are so important that they warrant a separate article! 

A leased line is a private connection.  It is delivered, using fibre optic technology, direct to your building from the closest provider endpoint. 

A leased line is a synchronous connection which means that the upload speed will be the same as the download speed.  This can be really important if your business uses, or wants to use, cloud services. 

Typically, we would start a business with a 100Mbit leased line supplied over a 1Gbit pipe.  This means that it is very simple to increase the bandwidth if the business needs grow. 

Leased lines are coming down in price all the time and in some cases are nearly half the price they were just a few years ago.  So it is well worth investigating whether investing in this technology would increase your business productivity.  Installation is also usually free now (on a three–year contract). 

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