Our Values

Labyrinth was founded on a belief that every business deserves first-class IT support, without having to sign a long contract.

After more than 16 years providing a comprehensive, outsourced service for companies of all sizes, Labyrinth understand how IT problems can be disrupting. That’s why we work in partnership with our many different clients to provide support and advice on all aspects of IT operations, security & scalability. We help you get the most from your technology; avoiding wasted time and allowing you to focus instead on the growth of your business.

Our promise to you:

Our service is a monthly rolling agreement, we will never make you sign a long contract

Our approachable staff will use plain English and not confuse you with technical jargon

We guarantee to respond within an agreed timeframe

We will never oversell and will always work on the principle of ‘best advice’



Choosing an IT partner can be tough. With so many options out there, it can be hard to cut through the noise and find one that truly fits your business. For this reason, Labyrinth have created a guide to help choose the right IT partner for you. This can be download for free using the link below:

Download our Guide

Labyrinth believe you shouldn’t have to be an IT expert to run your business! Get in touch today to arrange a free consultation and see how partnering with us can benefit you.