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Keith Rickett

Keith Rickett

Keith Rickett

Support Team Leader

Keith Rickett

What got you involved in IT? 

I used to like offering to fix peoples desktops even though I didn’t necessarily know how to fix them, this gave me the opportunity to learn new things as I fixed things. I’ve always been a very logical thinker so found troubleshooting issues something that appealed to me.

What do you do at Labyrinth?

I am the Support Team Leader, I ensure that tickets are handled in a timely manner and to a high standard.

Away from work, what do you get up to? 

I study cybersecurity, with a focus on privacy and anonymity. I also like building, configuring firewalls. I am also a gamer, wine collector and create NFTs.

What is your favourite book, and why?

As I spend a large amount of my free time studying / reading cybersecurity when I’m not doing this, I prefer to watch films and watch a huge number and variety of films.

Where do you like to go on holiday? 

My two favourite places to go on holiday are Bordeaux and Northern Croatia.

Tell us your favourite quote! 

“Management of the many is generally the same as management of the few, it is simply a matter of organization” – Sun Tzu

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