Adam Mitchell

Adam Mitchell

Corporate Operations Manager

When did you join Labyrinth Technology? 

I joined Labyrinth in September 2018, and before that I had spent 10 years in various customer service, hospitality, and team management roles across various sectors such including retail, telesales and exclusive dining. 

What is it that you do at Labyrinth? 

My job involves (deep breath) resource management and allocation, purchasing and invoicing, recruitment, HR, H&S compliance, and training. I also do all team event planning, office management, customer service and quality management duties. I also bring in Willow (our Director of Morale Boosting) every day to brighten everyone’s day! Although I don’t claim to be an IT expert by any means, I’ve been a tech geek since childhood, and have always had a keen interest in video games and consoles, wearable tech, drones and cameras 

And away from work, what do you like to do? 

I love to cook for friends and family and enjoy socialising in general (usually with wine!). If I’m not with other people I spend a lot of my time relaxing by walking and training Willow, as well as practising transcendental meditation, and watching films and TV and current affairs (especially UK and US politics). I also enjoy running, which is something I discovered during the Covid lockdown. I’m also very interested in psychology and have my Level 3 Certificate in Counselling and Psychotherapy and will soon begin studying for level 4, with my aim to be an officially qualified counsellor.  

You enjoy watching films, so do you have a favourite? 

I can never decide between 2 films. Firstly, Avengers Assemble as this made me fall unexpectedly in love with the MCU. I wasn’t particularly interested in the franchise until this point, and now I’ve seen every entry at least three times. Second is Silence of the Lambs, which swept the Oscars. Anthony Hopkins won Best Actor by giving a truly chilling performance with less than 30 minutes of screen time, and Jodie Foster won Best Actress playing a character that is defined by her ability, not her gender. That’s pretty uncommon from Hollywood even in 2021! 

Where is your favourite holiday destination? 

Bali. I spent a month alone there a few years ago to reflect in a time of great personal difficulty, and it was a beautiful experience in so many ways. Even though I got bitten by a monkey!  

Do you have a favourite or inspirational quote? 

“It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” – Mark Twain