Abel Manghiuc

Abel Manghiuc

Support Engineer

How did you get into IT? 

I became interested in IT because of wanting to upgrade my gaming experience which, quite frankly, I didn’t think was as good as it could be. So I started figuring out how identify each computer part, understanding how it worked, how it affected gaming on PC’s and how to upgrade it and maintain it. As a kid I spent a lot of time making things with various building blocks and construction kits so tinkering with things in general has always been a passion of mine.   

What were you doing before you joined Labyrinth? 

Continuing the theme of me enjoying playing, building, and fixing all things computer I was working for a firm assembling and configuring computers based on specific requirements of their clients   

What do you do now you’re with Labyrinth? 

In my day-to-day job I am a White Knight awaiting the distress calls of those who cannot defeat the mythical dragons lurking in the technological world, fighting heroically to keep their devices working in tip-top condition so they can continue going about their lives! 

In other words, I worry about our clients’ IT problems and fix them as quickly as I can, so that they can worry about running their business instead.  

When you aren’t defeating mythical dragons what do you do? 

Outside of work I enjoy riding my motorcycle, having recently passed my test. I also like going to the gym, and in particular lifting weights. I also do some martial arts and as part of this I signed up for two weeks of training with the Polish Army where I discovered that shooting guns is not as easy as action movies makes it look. Even at just 3 metres from the target I still manage to miss! I’m also trying to figure out the meaning and purpose of life by reading books by various philosophers, my favourite of which is Diogenes. 

What’s your favourite quote? 

“Ideals can only be spoken by those powerful enough to make them reality”, said by a character called Crocodile in my favourite Anime series One Piece