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Labyrinth announces migration to new proactive management system

[fusion_text]Often when we take on new clients, they were previously paying another IT provider for “Maintenance & Support”. When we audit their infrastructures, we almost always find that their systems are out of date, not maintained or end of life. This leaves them extremely vulnerable and unstable.

Labyrinth believe proactive maintenance and monitoring is far more important than reactive support. Therefore we have always used systems and processes to ensure systems are maintained, monitored and well documented.

Earlier this year, Labyrinth began the task of looking for a new cloud based product for remote management, monitoring, support and security. We were specifically looking for:

  • A single unified solution to replace our existing products
  • A more comprehensive monitoring solution with SNMP to allow us to carry out more detailed checks and reports on devices
  • Increased automation to improve efficiency
  • A solution for handling patch and release management (Windows updates, 3rd party application updates)
  • Improved reporting
  • Boosted security
  • A new helpdesk that will integrate with this system, allowing us to link monitored assets to tickets and automatically generate tickets for assets when a problem is detected

We are pleased to confirm investment in a new all-in-one solution which meets these requirements. We are starting to roll this out to all of our Maintenance & Support Agreement customers. Key facts:

  • We monitor Windows services, disk space, event viewer, anti-virus and much more throughout the day
  • We run daily checks to check things like hard disk health
  • We apply automated tasks in response to alerts triggered by checks (e.g. Disk clean up is run when available disk space drops to a specified percentage)
  • We can view detailed information on hardware and software installed on devices
  • We can provide support via remote console without taking over the desktop remotely
  • Our new solution uses an integrated TeamViewer solution for remote desktop support
  • Our new solutions uses an integrated Bitdefender solution for anti-virus
  • We can carry out routine maintenance through the use of scripts
  • We can control and monitor all updates through the patch and release management module, allowing us to identify devices failing to apply updates and take action
  • We can run reports to show specific patches that are missing. This allows us to tell our clients with confidence that they are protected against specific threats, such as the recent ‘WannaCry’ ransomware attacks
  • We have a live wallboard on flat screen TVs in our offices showing us problematic devices
  • Tickets are generated instantly when issues are identified
  • We run vulnerability scans on devices, identifying vulnerable features enabled and missing patches
  • We use SNMP to monitor network devices

Can your IT partner demonstrate the same level of proactive management?[/fusion_text]

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